Family Caregiver (FCG) Option

The delivery of services and supports to meet individual preferences and needs for persons with developmental disabilities provided by a Family Caregiver, in the family home when desired, with family members (or by a non-relative) paid to deliver services and supports, under the support and monitoring of a PASA (Program Approved Service Agency). 

PASA- Program Approved Service Agency

We are the PASA, our PASA's name is: Family Caregiver Agency, LLC.

How it works


State and Federal guidelines, rules and standards, are used to ensure the delivery of services and monitor outcomes. 

The home must meet the definition of a least restrictive environment and be decided with the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) process.   The family caregiver, as part of the IDT, assists in the development and prioritization of needs and goals outlined in the Service Plan. 

The Family Caregiver as an Independent Contractor will be qualified, knowledgeable and competent to provide services and earn a daily rate for providing care according to the Service Plan.