Be a Family Caregiver for an Adult with Developmental Disabilities at home

Host Homes, PCAs and Group Homes are no longer the only options for residential services.  

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What does the "Family Caregiver" option mean?


Residential services can now be delivered in the FAMILY HOME

in an Option called:  Family Caregiver Option.

Who is eligiable for the Family Caregiver Option?


  • Adults currently transitioning out of CES services and can choose between receiving SLS services or Comprehensive (residential) services,
  • Those who are in SLS now but will be offered a Comprehensive Services 'slot' off the waiting list.  If currently on the Comprehensive/Residential 'Wait List' it's important to request that your Case Manager note the participant's status as: "As Soon As Available".  This means that when an opening of the list happens then she/he can request Family Caregiver Services option as their Residential Option if desired.  If this Option would be best for you and your family member Call your Case Manager at your CCB today.


Vanessa - A client receiving services through Family Caregiver Agency, LLC.


  • Options can be chosen of:  long term, short term and/or intermittent use of FCG, whichever is most beneficial for the individual." 
  • People receiving Family Caregiver Services can also receive Day Program, transportation, Employment and Behavioral services as needed.
  • Family Caregiver Agency, LLC is state approved to pay and monitor family members when the people involved agree that staying in the home to receive residential services is the best fit for all.

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